Workshop SIMILI online

There is nothing better than seeing, learning and improving intimately in a welcoming environment.

Get inspired and see wedding photography differently.

Will you miss this opportunity?

Between shadow and light, happiness and nostalgia, the obvious and the non-evident. silence and noise, color and monochrome. During the session, you will chase the light and find deeper meaning in your photos. I want to show you how I use hard and soft light.

Art is freedom. You can be an artist if you follow your heart. Creating your niche is creating your own little world where you can express yourself in a way that no one will be able to copy your ideas. Having a niche is ideal to stand out from the rest.

We are all storytellers. We all communicate and understand our own experiences through a network of stories. True connection with people and empathy are the keys to entering their story and allowing them to be themselves in front of a camera. If a story is authentic, it is told from the heart. What are the rules of storytelling? How to tell better stories? Where to find inspirations? How to be more creative? These are just some examples of questions that will be answered in WS SIMILI



Pure and hard inspiration!! The topics will be varied and personal. The workshop will be THEORETICAL-PRACTICAL where I will talk about my photographic philosophy, workflow from when I contact the couple or client until I deliver the photos. I will do a live session with a real couple, so you can see how I direct my clients and we finish the editing process.

Without a doubt, SIMILI WS is designed as a complementary experience between talks, dynamics and activities that add up and relate to each other.


– Full video of Simili Workshop (only Tehory).

-Audio English.

– Subtitles in English.

150 euros

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